What is Google Analytics Tools – Why We Will Use It

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As an internet marketer or business owner, you need understand the importance of having information that allows you to make informed decision’s on how to grow your business.Whether you’re running a small shop or working at a big company or your business has a presence on the web.You might be running e-commerce websites or running a blog, or just using your site to provide information about your services. But no matter the purpose of your website, you’re going to want to fully understand the customer journey as they interact with your content.And Google Analytics tools does just that for you.

It’s a free service with some premium options that helps you analyze visitor traffic and give a complete picture of who your audience is and what their needs are.It’s a platform that connects to every page on your website. And through various dashboards and reports, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock tremendous data.

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So, to understand your online business,it’s important to start with Google Analytics tools. Google is a platform that helps people and organizations measure and understands what’s happening on the digital properties that they own.With a little bit of code and configuration, Google Analytics can be installed on websites, mobile websites, mobile apps. Google Analytics tools something called the Measurement Protocol.

It can even collect data from things like Point of Sale terminals, or just about any connected thing that you might want to track.Once it’s installed, Google Analytics will start tracking just about anything you want it to.Even you can analysis website’s SEO performance

Tracking websites using google analytics tools:

Let’s take the example of using Google Analytics tools to track a website.It will collect a lot of data by default and you can configure even more to understand. You can track more about where your visitors are coming from,what they’re doing, and the behaviors and attributes of those visitors.

  • So, when someone visits your website,Google Analytics tools could tell you the geography they’re visiting from.
  • It can also tell whether they found your site from a search engine or a click on an ad that you might be running.

And it could track whether they’re on a mobile device or a laptop, what browser or operating system they’re using, what language they have installed as a default. Whether they’ve been to your site before,the pages they visit, the videos they watch, the buttons they click, how long they stay,whether or not they’ll fill out forms or buy things.You get the idea.

Advertisement Campaign:

As a marketer, you can use this data to better understand your website’s performance or your mobile apps performance.

  • You can manage your advertising campaigns against the goals of those campaigns and the audiences that you’re targeting.
  • As a website content producer, you can use Google Analytics to understand how visitors are interacting with the various elements of your site.
  • Google Analytics tools give you the data how they flow from one area to another, and how you can make the experience better.

Product performance:

If you’re managing an e-commerce component of your website, you can start to understand what products are performing well at various stages of the purchasing path.

  • You need to understand which merchandising areas are working better than others, and more.
  • And of course, all of this can be done with mobile apps, as well as websites.

Generally, Google Analytics tools or any other web analytics tool helps organizations collect data around what’s happening and then use that data to find ways to improve performance,make better decisions, and continually optimize the user experience.

This Google Analytics tools equips you with the right data to understand what you need to do to improve the outcome of your site.

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