6 Powerful Sales Lessons You Can Learn From Door-to-Door Mormons

Note: This is not a religious commentary. This is a sales commentary. Now read and enjoy!

From a sales perspective, their prospects are slim.

Door-to-Door Mormons
Door-to-Door Mormons

They’re essentially door-to-door salesmen that are trying to sell you on faith.

The ‘customers’ they encounter and why the sale is not an easy one:

If you don’t believe in God, you’re irritated at the prospect of someone trying to get you to believe a big guy in the sky.

If you do believe in God, you’re angry that someone is telling you your faith is wrong.

If you’re already Mormon, you’re bugged that they’re wasting their time on you and not out there converting more people.

So unless a person woke up and thought to himself : “Gee, I wonder what I think about things like God and religion. I’m curious about exploring different faiths.” – well most of us just are not going to change.

Why study these tactics?

I can tell you for a fact that when they came to my door, there wasn’t even a tiny part of me that said “well, since they came all this way, I might as well re-evaluate all the values on which I base my life.”

But there was a tiny part of me wondering – why do they do what they do, and how successful are they at doing it?

So being the curious marketer, I invited them in, gave ‘em some food, and we sat down and chatted about God n’ Sales – and here’s what I found.

3 Sales MISTAKES the Mormons made – and how you can avoid them

Mistake 1)They’re too focused on changing ‘beliefs’– this is something extremely personal and touchy. When they say they want to share the word of the lord with the homeowner…I’m sure they get a lot of slammed doors.

How to win:A better tactic would be to say they simply want to understand your beliefs because they want you to educate them – right off the bat. Imagine if these guys came to you because they wanted YOU to educate them. Heck, there’s a lot of people who would be willing to chat about their faith and belief. And getting a person to let you in and chat with you is the first step towards pushing the sale.

Although they do ask about you after you let them in, their initial approach is way off and results in almost never getting past the front door.

Homework? Awww hellz no!

Mistake 2)They want you to do homework.They wanted to leave a book with me and asked me to look over it and study it.

I did not want to, felt pushy. The idea was that I would invest time and accomplish something, thus getting further to their goal.

But all I heard is “Take time out of your busy day to do what we want you to do”

How to win: If you want a person to accomplish something, you have to give them an incentive. Having a possible revelation and shining lights beaming down on me just doesn’t cut it.

Mistake 3)They tried to close the sale too fast. You don’t talk sale until your customer seems eager… or at the very least interested. I was neither.

How to win: In hard sales, you can push the sale, but again – usually the person has at least a bit of interest for whatever you’re selling. Using the car lot example, if they came there to check out cars, it’s likely that they are at least interested in getting a car. But since these fellas are going door to door, it’s a stretch to assume I’m interested if I’m just listening politely and saying “no thanks.”

3 GoodSales Tactics the Mormons Used – and how you can apply them to business

Good sales move 1)They get you to talk about yourself– People love talking about themselves. I know I do! This does two things. One, it gets you to open up and two, they can take the information you share with them and use it to sneakily convert you.

“MA!! I just scored FREE stuff from the Mormons! So I’m converting, k? … Mom?”

Good sales move 2)They give you free stuff. Sure it’s a book about Mormons, but The Law of Reciprocity goes “I do something for you, you do something for me.” So think twice before you accept that free water at the car dealership – or the free bible.

Remember when you’re the person selling, the more information n’ help you give someone, the more they see you as someone they can count on. And the easier it will be for them to give you money to help them.

Good sales move 3)They had great customer service – Whatever you think of them, they listened carefully to me, never interrupted me. They were polite, and even offered to help me out around the house.

Again, Law of Reciprocity!

What to do with these lessons:

Keep ‘em in mind for your pitches. Match people, get them to talk about themselves, offer information and draw them in. Give them things so they feel like they owe you somethin’.

Granted, you wont always be making the sales on a face to face basis. And goodness knows, you’ll need a better strategy than going door to door hoping someone wants what you’re pitching.

It helps to do research and narrow down your targets so you can spend your time on people you actually have a chance of closing the sale with.

Remember – Research. It actually has a purpose outside of college.

Have you chatted with mormons or seen them use other tactics?

Tell us below or just share your thoughts!


P.S. They were good sports – even cracking up when I asked them “Is it sacrilegious to say Joseph Smith looked hot?” in the photo they showed me of him.


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