4 Reasons Why I Write Copy that Makes my Clients Rich

Randolf here is shocked by the questions. Or is looking for a fly.

This is an interesting question that I hear a lot of people ask.

Copywriter Confessions 4 Reasons Why I Write Copy that Makes my Clients Rich
Copywriter Confessions 4 Reasons Why I Write Copy that Makes my Clients Rich

If you’re a very good copywriter, you’re writing sales copy for products and likely making 5,6, or even 7 figures for your clients. In profits.

However, in the best case scenarios, a high-end copywriter who is writing a direct mail piece for a larger company may be able to secure a royalty fee on top of the normal copy fee. That means he/she earns a % of the profits based on performance. Yet, most copywriters get paid from $500 to $10,000 – only a fraction of what the copy pulls in.

So the logical question follows – why would any copywriter write copy for a client if they’re so good at pulling in sales? Why not only write copy for their own products?

I used to think that too when I started out. After several clients made big bucks using my copy I thought – “Hey, why don’t I just cut out the middle man and make my own product, write copy for it, and sell it?”

That is, until last year, when I made my first product – and I learned what really goes into selling a profitable product – from creation to execution.

Suffices to say that’s a whole story for another time.

But as rewarding as the experience was, It answered the big question as to why successful copywriters keep writing copy for clients.

Aside from the obvious reasons like – you’ll get more referrals and repeat customers, here’s…

4 Reasons why expert copywriters keep writing profitable copy for clients

1) You get to stretch the ol’ copy muscles – When I write copy for my own products all the time, I run the risk of getting tunnel vision. Writing copy for others allows a copywriter to learn, engage, and research new markets and customers. It makes me look beyond what I know and expand my knowledge -which helps me write even better copy.

2) You have less headaches– When I create products, I have to market, find partners, handle product support, and a bunch of technical work. When I write copy for a client, I don’t have to worry about all the other product intricacies – I can focus all my energy on writing the copy.

3) You take on less ‘risk’– When a business decides to launch a product or service and needs copy for it, they pay a flat project fee to have it done. Whether or not the product does well – or not- I’m guaranteed my payment. Sure, my client will make the bulk of the profit – but my client will also take on all the risk in case the launch fails. In the world of product launching, there’s no such thing as guaranteed success. You could have a great product and lousy marketing; flop. Or maybe you have the best copy in the world, but if the product sucks then you won’t have many happy customers; flop. That’s part of the gamble.

4) It takes less time to work on copy – Creating a product from start to finish took me several months. On average, a $3,500+ sales letter takes about 2 weeks. Now, once you have the product up and you’re earning income without even sitting at a computer – well that’s a fantastic feeling. But remember the whole risk thing? Unless you have some very gang-buster product ideas lined up, writing copy is a less time consuming option – at least in the short run.

Now, to round off the first list, I’m adding this list of…

4 reasons why a copywriter SHOULD create at least one product from start to finish.

1) It makes you more knowledgeable about the entire marketing process– learning how to make a product gives you a better idea of what works and what doesn’t work. This will help you in future projects, consulting gigs, and when writing copy for other clients. Nothing like real-life experience!

2) Passive income rocks– Remember when I said it takes less time to write copy for clients? That’s true – to a point. If you create a really awesome product, then you could be pulling in hundreds (even thousands) in sales every day. After a while, you can put the whole sales funnel on auto-pilot, which means you can earn money while sleeping, eating, or doing anything BUT working. Hard to beat that.

3) You face new challenges writing your own copy– Sometimes writing your own copy can be intimidating. After all, it’s supposed to be what you’re the best at as a copywriter… right? Relax – all copywriters tend to go a little rough on themselves here. But it’s an interesting new challenge to face that helps you discover new things about yourself as a writer.

4) You look like an expert in the market your product is in– If you create a product, I suggest writing it about something that boosts your business or service. That way people see you as an expert in whatever you’re selling. This could help you earn a lot of back-end sales in services or other products.

So don’t stop writing copy – but start making some product plans!

There’s no better time than the present to get started on your product project. If you want an easy place to start, creating a digital product has low overhead costs and can be worked on in your spare time. Trust me, even if you can only tackle your product project in spurts, you’ll end up finishing it eventually – and you’ll be happy you did. The experience is well worth it.


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