What Makes Your Small Business Unique

Every small business is unique. It has its own product or service, its own image or look and its own message.

As a writer, I help business owners craft compelling communications that will resonate with their customers. When getting to know a client, one of the first things I ask is what makes their business special? What separates them from their competition?

Small Business
Small Business

While that sounds like an easy question more often than not, it is difficult to answer.
It’s important to identify what makes your business unique so you can share it with potential clients. How important is it? It can mean the difference between success and failure.

Here are some things to consider when trying to define the one-of-a-kind value your business offers.

  • Your products are made of the best ingredients or maybe they are created through exceptional workmanship. Those who use those products might have witnessed impressive results or become repeat customers. Or maybe your services have generated more business for them. Use statistics and testimonials to emphasize the quality of your product or service. Let people know how you can help them.
  • Sure you provide good service but what about that service makes it great? Do you follow up with your customers after you deliver your product or service? Do you send out customer surveys to get their feedback?
  • Find out everything you can about your competition then take the information and use it to your advantage. Be honest and original. Being different will help to create more interest and visibility for your business and hopefully will put you ahead of your competitors. In turn, your marketing message will stand out because it illuminates your specialty or area of expertise.
  • Does your business cater to a specific demographic or target group? Do you specialize in a particular area or fill a certain niche? If so, be sure to highlight that in all your content and business communications.
  • Avoid being a commodity that can be found everywhere. Establish yourself as something unique then don’t just tell people, show them.

Once you have identified what makes your small business unique don’t be bashful. Shout it from the rooftops. Splatter your message across your website, in newsletters, eBlasts, on social media sites, blog posts and in your conversations. Play to your strengths and downplay your weaknesses and you won’t be a choices, you’ll be the only choice.


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