The Last of Us Game Review

I do not think I have to remember that The Last of Us was one of the best games released last year. Some have even considered the best, Naughty Dog receiving over 200 Game of The Year awards for The Last of Us. The performance was not only due the gameplay that however incorporate standard elements of the survival genre, as well as excellent fusion of mechanics of the game and the feeling exuded, The Last of Us is able to stir up feelings that few thought they would meet into a video game.

Additional content pack Left Behind continues in the same direction, blending in a harmonious way survival genre (with some horror elements) with stories of life and human emotions, such as love, friendship and loyalty. These elements may seem trivial in the context of our everyday existence, but it works extremely well in gloomy universe of The Last of Us. The Left Behind fails to carry on the legacy of The Last of Us, highlighting again both sides nice and dark parts of human nature.

The Last Of Us 2 Official Gameplay Demo Ps4
The Last Of Us 2 Official Gameplay Demo Ps4

While in The Last of Us torque heroes Joel and Ellie were always in the spotlight, Left Behind put a slightly different formula, delimiting action in two different planes (again an analogy to what I mentioned earlier – the two-dimensional nature of the behavior human).

On one hand we are dealing with an addition to the events of the original game, which leads on The Last of Us formula with regard to Androids APK MOD; in the second plan we meet a touching story of friendship between Ellie and his buddy Riley with a different pace, relaxed, largely devoid of tension that normally characterizes The Last of Us.
In the original plan things are not very different from what you encounter in The Last of Us, the only notable difference being that this time Ellie is the controllable character. So, fans of the conduct of the original game should not have any problems adapting to this side of Left Behind.

The charm of this DLC is in his second plane, where Naughty Dog has decided to offer the opportunity to explore in detail the Ellie past (again only character control), along with his friend Riley. I will not go much into details, to not spoil the surprise and pleasure to experience these moments on firsthand. Everything I can reveal is that the smile of a happy child can make you forget all the difficulties and all problems from around, regardless of conditions.

Graphically, I dare to say that Left Behind is superior to The Last of Us, counting very much that in this DLC you will encounter bright and lively locations versus typical dreary landscapes of original game. Sure, the low resolution makes its presence felt, but this kind of inconvenience can be easily overlooked given the quality of the product itself.

Left Behind is nothing less than the experience of The Last of Us. Moreover, manages to add an extra dose of excitement to a game that I thought had already exhausted all the aces in this chapter.


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