Once you have determined the subject of your article, you can write the title to the article. Now one thing is really important when determining the title of your article. The title of your article must be exactly related to what the article is going to address. If is it is not directly related to the subject matter of the article, then people who click into the article to read about the title’s subject, and find that you have written about something else, will click out of your article and you will lose trust with them. One thing that is incredibly important online is that you must be extremely credible in everything that you do. It is hard enough for someone to trust you online, when they cannot see you or visit you in person; if you do deceptive things like create flashy titles just to get people to open your article, but they are

not accurate to the nature of the article, you will lose people’s trust and they will not buy from you. Although I do not spend a lot of time trying to optimize things for the search engines, when I do have an easy opportunity to do it, I often will. So when you write your article title, try to put the main keyword phrase for which you want your article to be ranked, in the first few words. Then, you can write a statement that answers the question or problem you are going to solve in your article. For example, this might be a good title: Puppy Dogs – How to Choose the Right Puppy Dog For Your Pet Or: Dog Training – How to Teach Your Dog New Tricks Of course, once you have written your article title, it is important that you stick to the topic of your title as you write the article.

How many times have you trawled the web, looking for information only to find an article that looks like it was written by a four-year old child? With the rise of article marketing as a proven strategy for promoting websites and increasing traffic, there has been an explosion in the number of article-based websites and articles available. In many cases, however, this rise in the quantity of available web content has been at the expense of quality. There are a great many articles that are not providing the kind of positive promotion that webmasters are looking for. This is because the need to create backlinks is the primary reason for the article but also in part due to the poor standard of the writing in general. If you are writing an article to promote your business or website, you need to remember that the creation of a backlink is not the only reason for the article. You must ensure your

article shows you in a positive and professional light. Poorly written prose, badly constructed sentences and incorrect spelling will annoy your readers. They will serve only to detract from the image that you wish to portray. Readers will know if it was written in a hurry. Mistakes in your articles tell your potential customers that you didn't check them, and so that is the kind of service they can expect from you. Whether this is actually true or not is immaterial. That's the impression you give when you publish a badly written article. There are some simple things you can do to avoid this. Proofread your article. Never write an article and immediately submit it. Leave at least 30 minutes between finishing your draft and proofreading it. This ensures your mind has had a chance to focus on something else and that you've mentally 'dumped' the article content from your mind. You will have a better chance of finding errors…