Search engines Are Not That Stupid And Content Is Still King

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They say “content is king”. Is it true?

If you’re fairly experienced with websites, search engines and traffic in general, you might have heard this before. If you’re really into internet marketing, you’ve heard this time and again.
And I will wholly and totally confirm it: Content IS king.

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Stop using gimmicks and META tags and sneaky tricks that “guarantee” traffic explosions and nuclear hazards. Stop stealing other people’s content, either through XML, RSS, or whatever XHDHTML you might think of. Duplicate and junk content is OUT. Quality, timely, visitor-oriented content is IN. Big time! Read on to find out more.

High-value, focused content keeps the Internet world spinning properly on its axis. It’s the fundamental behavior that keeps EVERYONE happy. (Ken Envoy)

FACT: Search Engines are not that stupid.

Many people, books, websites and articles will tell you about how searchengine go for “tags”, “keyword density”, “keyword-rich domains”, so on and so forth. When I was running my first web sites, back in 1998, you could fool them with meta tags. A year after, meta tags were in total decline, and, shortly after, they were practically dead. Then came Google with its revolutionary system. And along came the SEO guys, spreading their wisdom: “Put the keywords in the title, in the first paragraph, in H1, H2 and H15 and you’re done”. Try to do that today for a top keyword and see if you succeed.

Is my website’s domain name, keyword-rich? Yes, it is. Is this of any use? NO. I didn’t get high search engine rankings explosive SEO results because of it.

The bottom line is: things are evolving. Things are not static and neither are the search engines. They learn how to deal with tricks and no gimmick is gonna work on the long run.

ANOTHER FACT: Search Engines detect ‘duplicate content’.

Therefore, you’re not that smart if you just copy and paste a bunch of words, or if you ’suck’ them through XML or RSS.

ANOTHER FACT: Searchengines love content, and so do people.

The internet is all about content. You already knew that, right?

ANOTHER FACT: Quality matters

You already knew that as well. But I just feel many people still need a confirmation. Through the quality of the content you provide you gain credibility, respect, popularity AND high conversion rates and sales.

What are the conclusions of this article?

1. Start creating content. Right now. You invest a little time and effort, but it pays.

2. Stop dreaming of that magic trick that will bring you free content and 1687.48987.8947987 visitors in 24 hours without you lifting a finger.

3. Concentrate on quality AND on quantity – this is the right order.

Take your time to deliver quality and enjoy the results.

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