Researching publishers


In the U.S. alone, there are thousands of book publishers, each turning out anywhere from one or two to dozens or even hundreds of books each year. Over 50,000 books are published in the U.S. annually. Yet those 50,000 books represent somewhere between 1-3% of the total number of manuscripts submitted. What, you say? Just a 1-3% chance of getting published? What is a writer to do in the face of ...

How not to get burned

A Place to Write

Scam artists make their living by telling people what they want to hear. And what unpublished writers want to hear most is, "We want to publish you." An intense desire to be published combined with lack of knowledge about the publishing industry leaves novice writers vulnerable to scam artists, from the "We'll publish your book!" vanity publisher ads in the backs of magazines to full-scale rip-off...

Crafting a Plot

Crafting a Plot

Getting an idea, once you've practiced idea generation, is the easiest part of writing. Turning the idea into a finished book -- that's the hard part! Creating a plot requires a certain amount of organization. Some writers can simply start at the beginning and write all the way to the end, but most writers find that they need some kind of organizational tool or underlying plot theory to kee...