One simple fact that will help you make more money

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When it comes to running a business, there seems to be a vast and endless universe of methods and techniques.

The most daunting task is sorting through the massive amounts of information you get.

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Should you start a website? Do you sign up as an LLC? Do you run ads in the paper or try mailers?

It can be overwhelming.

I know – when I started out as a copywriter, I felt crushed under the weight of information I got.

I honestly had no idea where to begin. I would ask myself – Do I do long form sales letters? Do I write direct mail or stick to soft selling? How do I become the best copywriter? How am I ever going to make a living doing this!?

I felt like everything was beyond my reach.

And perhaps you’ve felt that way too about your business at one point or another. Maybe you’re starting out and you’re not sure how to sort through all this information. Maybe you’ve been at it a while and your mind feels like soggy cereal.

Here’s 1 simple fact to help you put things into perspective:

You don’t need a lot of complex ideas to make a business profitable.

Find a need. Offer a solution in the form of a product or a service. Make yourself seen by those in need. Profit.

At the end of the day, it comes down to you selling a product or service to a customer that buys it. Everything else is just ‘mental masturbation.’

Yes, there’s techniques that help you save time, there’s steps you can take to maximize your profits. But before you dig yourself into a hole of techniques and methods, start with the basics. Then add onto it!

Focus: It’s what’s for breakfast

What makes this fact so powerful is that it forces you to focus on a series of simple steps until you get good at it. Once you’ve mastered the basic ‘loop’ of getting a customer to purchase for you, then you can add onto that loop in order to grow it.

I’ll be expanding on this in future posts. For now, make sure your cereal, and your brain, don’t sit in the milk for too long.

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