Is This Ad Ethical? An Example of Sneaky Ad Marketing Tactics

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Writing up a good ad is only half the battle of getting business.

A clever marketer can write up an eye-grabbing ad and be able to place it in a prime location.

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Last week, I was looking at several low-fat dinner recipes online when I came across this:

Oh Sees… why must you be so cruel?

Those sneaky son-uva-guns.

Hiding amongst all the weight loss ads is an ad for ‘Sees Candy and Chocolates.’

And I’ll bet they had a lot of success with that ad, pulling in wavering dieters with the promise of goodies and more.

The point here isn’t just to point a finger at Sees candies. As sneaky as that move was, it was also very clever marketing.

They’re not just thinking of their customers, they’re thinking LIKE their customers. They posted that ad on the assumption that many people who are trying to look up low-fat, recipes probably over-indulge in sweets and goodies. And they probably assumed right.

And chances are, that Sees Candy’s ad is going to look much nicer in contrast with zucchini recipes and weight loss ads.

Not only that, but there’s no other Candy-maker advertising in that group. If a person wants to skip on their diet, the only choice in those ads there is Sees.

Ethical? That’s dubious. But like it or not, I have to say it certainly is clever marketing.

And by placing themselves in these little ‘niche’ hiding places, they’re bringing in a whole new set of customers.

What we can learn from this: Think like your customer. For Sees, it wasn’t just fellas buying girls a box of candy. It’s also people with a sweet tooth.

So find a hidden market angle and reach for that golden nugget that all your competitors have overlooked.

P.S. Have you come across ads like that in your Internet journeys? What are your thoughts on the effectiveness of placing ads in conspicuous places like that?

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