Copywriting workout – How to write out a sales letter

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Also known as “Dammit, my Hand Hurts!”

So we’ve let our muscles get a bit flabby… but no more! Time to hop onto this horse and keep going.

You have a nice collection of swipe files at this point I’d hope.

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If you don’t, that’s okay, I’ll be providing some material for you to use in the next workout.

“Writing it Out”

Time Required: 30 minutes to a couple hours, depending on how fast you write

Items needed: Pen, paper, good sales letter.

Description: Handwrite a sales letter word for word.

How this will improve your copywriting skills: There’s a lot of ways this is going to help you out. For one, you’re forced to pace yourself when you handwrite. You’re also likely end up muttering what you’re writing as you handwrite. I know I do.

Writing it out this way will force you to absorb the letter on a different level. And there’s something powerful about associating the motor skills of forming each word to the meaning you’re creating behind it.

I certainly didn’t invent this copywriting-honing technique, but I’m sure as heck going to use it – as should you.

How to do this exercise:

Step 1) Get your pen and paper and open up the sales letter. You can print it out if it’s easier for you to read.

Step 2) Carefully write out the sales letter word for word. Take your time to make sure your handwriting is readable

Step 3) As you’re writing, focus on how the letter is unfolding. Absorb it, and watch it unfold. Simply be aware.

Optional) Rewrite it again from scratch. The more you rewrite the letter, the more you’ll pick up on what’s going on in the construction of the letter.
And feel free to use a different letter if investment talk doesn’t appeal to you. I used the sample letter myself BECAUSE I’m not into the finance market. It made me appreciate the copy on a completely different level.

Keep yer’ eyes open for the results and the next step.

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