Checklist for Writing a Sales Letter

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NOTE: This is an outdated post. I don’t subscribe to the “sales letter forumla” idea – sales letters are much more organic. While there are factors that are commonly found in a sales letter, I find that going by a list or forumla stifles creativity – and potentially brilliant copy.

However, there are useful tidbits still in this post, so feel free to read!

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When I write out my sales letters, I’d like pretend I do everything organically. The truth is, I use my own checklist as I write to make sure I’m hitting all the right targets.

See, anyone can write a sales letter. But it takes real dedication and understanding to write a sales letter that actually sells anything — and a handy checklist wouldn’t hurt either.

Questions To Ask Before You Start Writing

  • Who is my target customer/audience?
  • What problem(s) are they trying to solve?
  • How can this product/service help them solve these problems?
  • What makes this product/service unique and different from the competition?
  • How can I use sales copy formatting to my full advantage?

The Sales Letter Mini-Checklist

  1. Attention Grabbing Headline
  2. Talk to your reader while building off the headline – stay relevant, if they started reading based on the headline, then don’t go in a new direction
  3. Back up any promise you made on the headline (i.e. I’ll show you how to x) you don’t want to linger on this – show that you deliver on promises
  4. Irritate/Relate to their problems – note don’t be MEAN about it, just remind them why they’re trying to look for a solution in the first place
  5. Provide the solution (which will be whatever service/product you’re offering)
  6. Show how easy it will make their lives (easy to use/ much better than whatever they’re using currently)
  7. Show results, or give accurate projections
  8. Show why you’re worth listening to, and that you’re not just a fly-by-night deal (credentials and what not)
  9. Go over the features and benefits in detail (this is also a good place to pull excerpts from an ebook or screenshots/pictures of whatever you’re offering so they can view something ‘tangible’)
  10. Display ‘social proof’ i.e. testimonials and what not. (You can also scatter testimonials through out the copy – which is very effective if done properly)
  11. Make the pitch – this is where you actually start to tell them to purchase the product. Up till now you’ve been just telling them how awesome it is. Don’t forget to actually ask for that purchase.
  12. Throw in dem bonuses – this is building up the perceived value of whatever you’re offering
  13. Reveal your price ( you can do ‘price cutting’ here where you show that it would be higher, but you’re slashing the price to a lower amount for a while anyway)
  14. Add your ‘scarcity’ (time/limit to numbers) ONLY do this is you truly intend to keep to it. People can smell ‘fake’ scarcity a mile away – and it will break your credibility if misused.
  15. Tell them your Guarantee – again, very important. Always offer a guarantee. You’ll make MUCH more sales with one than without one.
  16. Call to action – again, tell them to buy.
  17. End it by reaffirming the high value they’ll be getting

Things to ask yourself after you write the sales page

  • Did I grab my reader’s attention?
  • Did I clearly understand/relate to their problem?
  • Did I provide a solution?
  • Did I push past any ‘objections’?
  • Did I show proof?
  • Did I check for spelling/ grammar issues?

Is there more to a sales letter than these steps? Absolutely. But this should give you a great start.

More resources: I was inspired to write this post after reading a post called 21 step sales letter formula by Perry Belcher and thought I’d give it my own spin/explanation.

Thoughts? Comments? Flying monkeys? Place them in the comment box yonder!

Talk to ya soon,

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