What is Metafiction?

What Is Metafiction? What Does Metafiction Mean? Metafiction Meaning

I’ve heard a bit of talk about metafiction lately and to be honest I wasn’t sure what it was. The dictionary defines it as; fiction that discusses, describes, or analyses a work of fiction or the conventions of fiction. That didn’t really help me with understanding the concept in greater detail. After further investigations I found the most common types of metafiction and some examples of...

How to use punctuation marks

punctuation marks

Punctuation is a subject that many people find difficult but is very important for a writer to understand, master and apply correctly. Not all of the sections here relate to punctuation marks specifically, but the subjects are related. Full stops / Periods Full stops, also known as ‘periods’ in American English, are used to mark the end of a sentence. An additional use is to highlight an abbre...