How to start a copywriting swipe file

copywriting swipe file

First, the follow up to last week’s warm up: Our first copywriting workout warm-up was great. I’ve gotten a lot of emails from you and I fully appreciate your feedback and input! I’m thinking next time I’ll post the results at the end of the same post. But for now let’s try this: Results from last week’s Warm-up 1 It was very challenging for me NOT to backspace. As...

10 Worst Banner Ads

Banner Ads

Banner ads. We all see ‘em flickering at us as we surf the web. They’re on news sites, blogs, Facebook… oh just about everywhere. Some of us may actually use banner ads to get clicks to our sites. What’s the point of banner ads? For those of you who aren’t sure what the purpose of banner ads are, here’s a simple explaination. Banner ad are clickable online billboards. H...