Book Review

The Shadow of the Wind

The Book Trail The Shadow Of The Wind The Cemetery Of Forgotten

Title: The Shadow of the Wind (Goodreads) Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón Published: Penguin, 2001 Pages: 487 Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery My Copy: Paperback Buy: Amazon, Book Depository, Kindle (or visit your local Indie bookstore) Barcelona, 1945; Spain is still dealing with the aftermaths of the Spanish Civil War. An antiquarian book dealer’s son, Daniel, who is mourning the r...

Book Review Geekomancy

Geekomancy By Michael R Underwood Book Review

Title: Geekomancy (Goodreads) Author: Michael R. Underwood Published: Pocket Stars, 2012 Pages: 255 Genre: Urban-Fantasy My Copy: Kindle Buy: Kindle I’ve never really been able to get into Fantasy too well but occasionally I find an Urban Fantasy novel that I really enjoy. Geekomancy tells the story of Ree who discovers that she is a Geekomancer; a human that derives supernatural po...

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein A To Z Classics Ebook Mary Shelley

Title: Frankenstein (Goodreads) Author: Mary Shelley Published: Penguin, 1818 Pages: 273 Genre: Classic, Gothic, Science Fiction My Copy: Personal Copy Buy: Amazon, (or visit your local Indie bookstore) This truly is a classic tale of social insight, a story of one seeking acceptance and desiring companionship but being rejected and branded a monster. The thing that I liked most about ...