Becoming a Better Copywriter – An Intro to Copywriting Workout

What if you could become the best at whatever you wanted to be?

Would you eagerly await my next word? Wrinkle your nose at me? Roll your eyes?

Copywriting Workout
Copywriting Workout

Consider what I’m asking. What IF you could temper and improve any skill you wanted?

It’s easy to get caught up in the grind of day to day business activities. But improving your skill sets can carry on past your work into every aspect of your life.

So… what are you doing to improve your skill set?

I ask.. because I asked myself that very question today. ”What am I doing to help myself become even better each day?”

Improving our copy skills one step at a time.

I disagree with people who say you need to have an inherent talent to be good at something.

Here’s my thoughts: A person who has ‘born talent’ may have an easier time writing copy than the average starting-out person. But if that ‘average person’ continues to learn and teach themselves to get better, there’s no reason they can’t become a master at what they do.

If I paint each day for 8 hours a day, don’t you think that by the end of a few months, I’ll be a better painter than when I started? In fact, isn’t it likely I’d be a better painter than the average starting-out painter? Heck, if I kept painting for years, there’s a chance I’d be a better painter than a starting out painter with ‘inherent talent.’

I read somewhere that failing math students who were told that the brain was a muscle that could be improved with time, raised their math grades from “Fs” to “As and Bs” in just a couple months.

So if they can do it… why can’t we improve our own skills – wherever we choose to?

Then I realized, well Danielle, are you really working out that big grey muscle in your head? Do you have a plan? A “business work-out” regiment?

And I thought, shoot. Here I am writing copy, reading books, and working hard – but half the time I’m not actively putting these fascinating techniques I’m learning to use outside of my projects!

Why not take it a step further?

So just this morning, I had an idea.

Why wait for projects to push and temper my skills? Why not reach out and challenge myself?

I sat down and thought about how I’d go about doing this. I figured, why not give myself a new challenge each week?

Something to help me push my writing, marketing, and business abilities to the next level: techniques to chart and mark my progress against?

So why not?

Lets go on a journey together.

I love challenging my mind, pushing the limits, and trying new things.

On my own, I was going to go ahead and try out little exercises.

But I thought, why not include you?

A comrade in skill-growing in this little journey of curiosity and exploration.

Introducing the Can-Do, Positive, Skill-Set-Boosting Copywriting Workout

(A name in progress, until I find something snazzier.)

Here’s how it works:

Each week, I’m going to post an exercise.

It doesn’t HAVE to be about writing per say. Anything about self-improvement, business improvement, copy improvement – things that all contribute to running a smoother, happier business and improving your copy skills while going about it.

I’ll explain what the exercise is about, and how it helps you do X, and what it’s supposed to help. I’ll outline the steps.

Then, I’ll put them into action – and share my results.

You can pull up some popcorn and watch me work at it, or you can join in and be my work-out buddy! Share your progress with me.

I’ll do writing challenges, research challenges, human behavior challenges. I’ll test the limits of my marketing skills, and sometimes go outside of my comfort zone. But each time, we’ll do something new.

What about the blog!?

Oh, the normal blog posts aren’t going anywhere. Think of this as another ‘section’ of the blog. I’m introducing this new segment for fun, for exploring, and just because I figured “why the heck not!?”


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