5 Secrets Your Copywriter Probably Wont Tell You

I found this in some sort of shiny box labeled “Ark”… wonder what that meant.

Writers are very unique creatures.We paint scenes of war, of love, of emotion and turmoil, and of calm… and usually we accomplish this in the quiet solitude of our writing lair. Copywriters even more so. Copy drives the media, copy sells products, copy keeps businesses in business. And yet, we accomplish this with subtle words, tiny bits of tweaking, and hours of thoughts, revisions, and research. So what makes your copywriter tick? What aren’t they telling you?

Luckily for you, all you have to do is read on to find out!

1) You’ll Pay Almost Double In Price For A Rush Job, But.… the copy may not turn out as smooth as a normal job’s copy. You’re essentially rushing the creative/brainstorm process. This make us stress, drink a crap-load of coffee, and grab at whatever ideas we can. Instead of having a nice, couple week stretch to work on and revisit your project, we have to run run run to get it out to you. We might make something nice, but believe me, rush jobs never turn out quite as polished as a normal job. So why pay more? More often than not, business happens. Timelines get squished, deadlines approach, and you just need it when you need it. That’s fine, but keep in mind, your copywriter has every right to charge you more – after all, they’re stressing and dropping everything to make up for your deadlines!

2) I Often Use “Copy Swipe” Files When Starting On Your Project. ‘Copy’? ’Swipe?’ Something sound fishy. And that something would be halibut. Copy and Swipe, however, are acceptable and normal terms in the copywriting world. Just as an artist might look at a muse to inspire the next great art work, we often re-visit our copy swipe files

3) I Don’t Like It When You Compare My Copywriting To Article Writing. I have the upmost respect for article writers. I write articles all the time. But copywriting is not article writing. So please don’t ask me if I can write a page of copy for $5.

4) When You Treat Me With Respect, I Work Harder For You! This really shouldn’t be a secret but it is. Naturally, when you’re working for people you like, you work on that headline just a bit more, you make that benefit list a tiny bit more shiny… you put in that extra hour to pull everything together. Respect can mean understanding my work for you is an art, respect is the way you talk to me, respect is not acting outraged when I tell you my fair prices. Treat your copywriters with respect, and they’ll go the extra mile for you.

5) When You Change Even One Line Of My Copy, You Affect The Whole Sales Letter. Copy is in fact, a complete entity. At least good, well-converting copy is. It tells a story, it leads a reader, it gets them to buy from you. And believe it or not, changing just one line without talking to your copywriter about it can really affect the sales. Now… does that mean never experiment? Of course not! Experiment away! But make sure you save the original, and then tweak a copy of the copy (hehe) to your heart’s content. Try split tests, the sky’s the limit!


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