5 Quick n Easy Call to Action Phrases

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You’ve heard me blather at you about using call to action phrases all the time.

Why? Cause they’re so darn important!

Call to Action Phrases
Call to Action Phrases

Your mind-blowing banner could have all the elements of a perfect ad, but if you don’t get the sale, then it’s pretty much a failure.

And while call to actions don’t guarantee the sale, they tell your customer what to do. Which is a LOT more important than you think.

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It’s like posting a sign for a ‘Glorious Yard Sale’ but never posting directions on how to get there.

So even if the person reading your sign would love to give you money for your old lawn gnome, it’s not happening unless you use that call to action and tell them where to go!

Want somethin’ fast and easy?

Take a look at these 5 Call to Action Phrases:

1) Click here

Universal call to action for the Internet. The text is a link. You tell them to “click here” after any statement. Want to lose weight? Click here! Just make sure you don’t use this call to action on a print ad.


  • Click here to grab your free copy of X
  • Click here to get started now.

2) Try it Now

Fantastic for software or product samples. People who are interested in the product based on your original pitch will be eager to give it a test run. Having the ‘try it now’ call to action shows them where to go when they want to get their hands on it. Once they try it, it will be easier to sell to them.


  • Try Product X for Free Now.
  • Go to X to try it Now!

3) Learn More

I don’t like this one. Why? Because most of us don’t want to learn. Most people are looking for instant gratification. In that light, ‘learn’ becomes another obstacle. Still, if you’re talking about a problem, solution situation, and are enticing readers or viewers to get more information. The variations are ‘learnin’-free’ but have the same info-prompt type of message.


  • Call XXX-XXXX for more information.
  • Click here for more information.
  • Visit www.awesomesite.com for more information.

4) Sign up here

This is commonly used to collect your information. Before, it was your home address and telephone number. Now-a-days, people like to collect email addresses.


  • Grab your free X here!
  • Sign up now to get your X!

5) Call me now!

Ms. Cleo knew what she was doing when she told people what to do. There was no uncertainty – if you wanted that free reading, you had to call her… NOW!


Does this Call to Action list seem pretty… bland?

That’s because call to action’s in their bare form are pretty bland.

Here’s the SUPER SECRET call to action formula:


Click here.Get free junk.

Sign up.Lose weight.

Give me money.Get donut.

Hey – I said they were quick n’ easy.

How do you make a brilliant ‘call to action?’

Simple, make the verb a simple step. Make the result the desired solution.

Make it easy, make it clear.

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