3 Ways to Get Over Freelancer Anxiety

You’ve just finished a project.The client loves it, the invoice is paid in full, and for a few glowing seconds, all seems well in life. Then, suddenly panic sets in. Where am I going to get my next project from? I have some clients now, but maybe I need to get more?

Then, a single thought runs through your head: “MUST. WORK. NOW!”

If you’re a freelancer, you’ve probably had one of these moments. Even if you know you have interested prospects and plenty of work ahead, somtimes there’s still a sense of loss that comes when a project is closed. Don’t panic, don’t start applying to 9-5 jobs, just take this advice.

  • Organize Your Freelancing Business.Whenever there’s a lull in my work with clients, I always take the time to catch up on my own marketing. When you’re a freelancer, you spend at least 30% of your time doing self promotion or marketing (probably more when you’re starting out). Consider the extra time as a blessing to your business, a chance to update your portfolio, a time to send out some new letters to interested prospects!
  • Get In Touch With Old Clients.Every few weeks I like to check up on my past clients. 99% of the time, when I get in touch, someone has a new job for me. It really pays to do follow up.
  • Take Some Time For Yourself.What calms you? For me, it’s a nice, warm drink and a good book. Time off doesn’t have to be time wasted. If you’re rejuvenating your mind, you’ll be able to offer a higher quality of work to your next client!

Bottom line: Stress never helped anyone work better. It’s linked to many diseases, and really decreases your quality of life. And most of the time, the less you stress, the more you’ll actually get done. So relax and prosper!

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