3 Things You Need for Good Copy

This post is almost as short and sweet as this gnome – and only half as scary.

For lack of more time, this week’s post is short and sweet.

Some hot-shots like to frame copywriting as the magic tool that instantly generates sales.

While I appreciate the bid of confidence, I’m sorry to say that copywriting itself won’t help you make money. You need several factors working together.

To illustrate this point, I came up with:

3 key factors that you need to write good copy

1) Research. I don’t mean just surfing google. Go to forums. Read trade magazines. Call people in the company and talk to them. Your goal is to get their customers to take action. You can’t do this unless you understand the customers. The more time you spend researching, the less time you’ll have to spend crumpling up papers because you’re not getting the pitch right.

2) A Way to Get Noticed. You don’t want your sales copy to be part of the noise. You want to stand out. Which is VERY hard in this commercial-jaded society. We tune out almost all advertisements that come our way now. We have to! It’s coming in from everywhere. So make copy that stands out.

COMMENT NOTE: Based on a question Mark asked in the comments below, here’s a tip on getting noticed.

The best way to make copy stand out is to make a Specific, non-generalized statement that names a benefit, and a time-constraint.

I.E. “How to lose 20 pounds of stomach fat working out just 7 minutes each day!” You’re promising 20 pounds of weight loss, for a 7 minute a day investment. That’s more specific and powerful than say “Lose weight fast.”

(You can read the full explanation in the comments below)

3) A Good Product. If the product is crap or doesn’t fit a need in the market, you’re going to have a hell of a time writing copy for it. That doesn’t make you a bad copywriter – it just means that you either haven’t done enough research… or the product is bad. Hopefully, you did some leg work before you signed up for the project and determined that it was a good product on it’s own. Remember: even the best copy in the world can’t turn crap into chocolate.

Are there more factors that go into sales copy? Of course! But these are 3 of the most important ones (which is also coincidentally the 3 that came to my head first.)

Funny how that works sometimes!


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