3 Key Rules for all SEO Copywriters

Here’s my thoughts on little article I wrote a few months back on3 Key Rules for SEO Copywriters :

In many ways, an ‘SEO Copywriter’ seems like a paradox. Search Engine Optimizers are like builders – they build the traffic that comes to your site and usually just focus on getting the best quality and quantity of traffic. Copywriters are like artists – they weave words to persuade and convince readers to purchase or subscribe to your site and usually just focus on creating conversions through persuasive writing.

3 Key Rules for all SEO Copywriters
3 Key Rules for all SEO Copywriters

And although their work goes hand in hand, sometimes the term “SEO Copywriter” seems a bit much. It’s like asking a mural artist to construct the building he’ll be painting on.

However, in this ‘internet age’ – SEO Copywriting is a skill that is needed by many small and mid-sized businesses. And if you’re an online copywriter, this is a must-have skill. But it definitely takes a skilled hand to know how to balance both copywriting and search engine optimization. So if you’re just starting out as an SEO copywriter, or are looking to hire one, here’s 3 things all good SEO copywriters should do.

1) Never Compromise The Content Quality– A copywriter’s primary job is to create an action from the readers. Don’t focus on the SEO so much that the ‘call to action’ is lost in the optimization.

2) Remember To Use Keywords In Headlines – Headlines are important to both readers and search engine spiders. And having keywords in the headlines are equally important to both. Again, just make sure the focus is more on the message to the reader.

3) Avoid Keyword Stuffing – This is common knowledge for expert SEOs and Copywriters alike, but some newbie copywriters think SEO means to stuff their writing with keywords. Don’t. It looks like spam to both spiders and readers.

If you do hire an optimizing Copywriter, you’ll be left with a clean, easy to read, exceptionally persuasive writing piece that shoots your company to the top tiers. Be prepared to pay big bucks for this smooth writing – but trust me – it’s well worth your investment.

My personal thoughts in all this?

Really – focus on the copywriting.

Before anything else, you’re a copywriter. When a client provides you with keywords, integrate them into the sales copy without hurting the pitch, and let your client know if you think any keyword adjustments would hurt their sales. Why?

As a professional copywriter, writing clear copy that reaches human eyes and ears and gets people to take action (you know – purchasing) should be your number 1 goal.

A key ‘trouble area’ to watch out for is the header. Oh the header… It’s a prime SEO real estate location, and also a prime ‘human eye’ location.

So when you need to put keywords in to the header, be careful of it might take away from the ‘selling edge’… especially when you have to add ‘long tail keywords’ at the end of an otherwise strong headline.

Good Example: ”Get Sexy Legs in 7 Minutes a Day”

Annoying Keyword Example: ”Get Sexy Legs in 7 Minutes a Day at Newport Beach Day Spa”

See what I mean?

No go forth and write optimized copy — with knowledge!

Talk to you soon,


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