12 Best Ways To Build High Quality Backlinks For Blog Websites

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If your blog is successful then you must be knowing the importance of building high quality backlinks, To build high quality backlinks for blog or website’you have to get backlinks from high page rank blogs and websites’

Backlinks play a very important role in increasing your blog SEO and search engine rankings,You can get 1000’s of free backlinks from many free websites but those backlinks will not help in your blog SEO and search engine rankings because those links are mostly from Stats Links websites below is post I have written earlier which will give you an idea from building backlinks from free websites

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Since Google release Penguin and Panda updates many blogs and websites got seriously affected in terms of their blog SEO and Google rankings So this post will be helpful to recover from penguin and panda updates by showing you how to build high quality backlinks

Now a days every blogger who want to get high search engine ranking(Google rankings) are trying to build high quality backlinks it’s like treasure mine for their blogs/websites which yields in greater search engine ranking

Mostly the backlinks we get from websites are generally no-follow links which is not much beneficial because earlier many webmasters used black hat link building techniques for SEO, So now it very hard to get do follow backlinks for your blog/website So I am presenting you with 13 Best ways to build high quality backlinks for your websites

Its not useful to get 1000 backlinks from low page rank website then to just get 10 high quality backlinks from high page rank websites So below are top 13 high page rank websites to get backlinks from free

12 Best Ways To Build High Quality Backlinks For Blog/websites

  • Youtube.com – You must be knowing that millions of people visit youtube to watch their favourite videos and youtube is high page rank website PR9 and ofcourse it Google product and having a backlink pointing to your blog or website will boost your blog SEO and Search engine rankings. Just visit youtube.com and create your profile channel and put your blog url in link sections which points back to your blog or website
  • Facebook.com – Every body now uses facebook so go ahead and create facebook fanpage for you blog, Facebook pages can rank very high in search enigne results and you can build high quality backlinks for your blog/website which will help in SEO also To create a facebook fan page simply go to facebook and click on create page
  • Squidoo.com – If you want to get high quality backlinks for blog then squidoo is the place you want your blog to be, You can get high quality backlinks for your blog by submitting quality content ‘You can submit articles by creating lens which will also increase your blog traffic and you will get high pagerank backlinks
  • Hubpages.com – Another really very great website to build backlinks for website, Hubpages website is similar to squidoo where you can submit articles remember submit unique articles and don’t use spun articles because you article will not be accepted if it looks like spammy
  • Twitter.com– Twitter is most famous microblogging website in world and if you want to get high quality backlink then you can create a free twitter account, Just visit twitter and create a twitter profile and add links to your blog For More Benefit and traffic create profile for your blog rather than creating personal twitter profile and twitter is very high page rank website
  • Digg.com– Digg is one of the famous social bookmarking website in world you can submit articles to digg which will point back to your blog It will also help in increasing traffic to your blog. Try to get more diggs the more digg you get for your articles the traffic will be more for your blog, Digg is one of the best ways to build backlinks for your blog or website.
  • Mix.com– Stumbleupon/Mix is very famous article sharing websites and you can get quality link backs to your blog, Target your main keywords in profile and descriptions for better results
  • Ezinearticles.com– Very famous article submission directory, you can create unique articles and submit to ezine and you will get quality backlinks for your blog ‘Try to submit unique articles and you can significantly increase your blog traffic and SEO
  • Reddit.com– Reddit is also very well know article submission website and it great place to build quality backlink for your blog Simply put links and anchor text which points to your blog or websites
  • LinkedIn.com– Create a company profile for your blog and put links to your websites, you can also create personal profile its best to have both which will get you high quality backlinks for your blog and will definately help to increase traffic
  • Yahoo Listings– No matter you have local business or not simply list your blog by choosing suitable category and try to include links to your website As you might know yahoo is very popular website so if you can get backlinks from yahoo listing will definitely increase your google rankings
  • Yelp.com– You can’create a profile on Yelp. The link in your profile is followed. Links and you will get high quality backlink for your blog.

So these were 12 best ways to build high quality backlinks for your blog/websites and don’t waste time in building backlinks with no-follow link websites just refer to all the above websites and create profiles and use targeted keywords in your profile and description which will further explore your blog to wider audience and it’s also great for SEO

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