10 Tips For Creating Amazing Headlines

I’ve said this many times before, and I’ll say it many times again: The most important part of any ad or copy is the headline. Most customers will only skim your writing, and end up reading whatever is bolded or in a larger font. Often, your customers will make their purchase decision based entirely on your headline!Now you’re starting to understand how important headlines are to your sales copy, huh?

Here’s 10 tips towards making amazing headlines!

Amazing Headlines
Amazing Headlines

1) What’s Your Product’s Main Benefit?

Figure out your product’s benefits, and choose the one you believe is best. This is going to be what your headline is focused on. Why? Remember, in sales writing, you want to bring out all your big guns right away. Sure you leave a few goodies for later, but don’t hesitate to tell your biggest benefit right off the bat. You want to make that sale as soon as possible!

2) Drop The Cute Act:

Don’t worry about being cute or clever. You might be remembered by your customers… for a minute. But being clever isn’t going to sway your customer’s decision towards buying your product. You have that one shot to get them to buy. Hit a homerun in that one instant that you have their attention by really showcasing your product’s strongest benefits!

3) Think Like Your Customer:

Step into your customer’s shoes for a minute. Imagine you are looking at this product or service for the first time. What sort of things would interest you? Cheap price? Unique features? Fast Delivery? Find all these points and write them down.

4) Brainstorming- It’s For Adults:

Start by writing out anything related to your product. This is called brainstorming. We learned to use it in high school, and yes, it does have a practical use in real life! Sometimes you need to put every idea, even if it seems like a crazy one, on paper. That way, you’ll have different ideas to build off of when you structure your headlines.

5) Be Specific.

Take these two examples:

General: Lose Weight Fast!

Specific: Lose Weight in 30 Days!

Which one do you think will sell better? Of course the one that tells you exactly when you will lose your weight. Your customers will be readier to open their wallets to you if you can define guidelines for them. Vagueness can put people off. The more specific you are, the more concrete you seem in their mind. Use that to your advantage and watch the cash flow in!

6) Do Your Research:

Study your product. Learn all about it. Go beyond just simple things, really dig deep. Find benefits and features from it that no one even thought of considering. Then Consider them.

7) Study The Competition:

Who is your competition? What are their headlines like? What is their angle? Do they know what they’re doing? Some companies launch entire campaigns in response to their competition. If you can find an angle that they haven’t, that will make you stand out that much more!

P.S. NEVER EVER copy. Ever. You lose all credibility, and you could be sued. Besides, why bother copying something that you can improve on!

8 ) “You” Are Your New Best Friend:

Talk to your customer directy. “You/Your” sells more products than anything else. Talk to the customer about what interests the customer and you’ll have sold more than anyone ese. For example:

Bad:We Have 100% Solid Oak Furniture

Good: Decorate Your Home With 100% Solid Oak Furniture From Our Warehouse!

9) Don’t Make It Too Long.

It’s a headline, not a paragraph. You can choose to elaborate, but remember the more streamlined you can make it, the better it will be. My own personal rule of thumb is try to keep it less than 14 words.

10) Step Away Then Read It Again:

When we immerse ourselves in projects, it’s easy to get sucked into what we’re doing. Just step away. Come back and just when you think you got your headline, read it and then step away again. Every time you come back to it with a fresh eye, and every time you might find the perfect way to word your main sales message. Plus, it saves you a lot of money on aspirin.

BONUS! 11) Get A Critique!

Do you have a writer friend? Or just a friend? Have them look it over. Even if they’re not writers themselves, they can tell you how they’d respond to the copy from a customer’s perspective.

Now get out there and make some headlines!

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